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Baonguyen is a manufacturer and publisher of video games on mobile phones, established in 2015, We have launched 5 products in the global market: Mega Ramp Car : Super Car Game, Red Stickman Parkour Fighter, Craft Super Ball Jump,Super Dan’s World – Run Game, Real Car Parking Drive School

Our desire is to create positive changes on mobile platforms through our great world-class services.

Products for smartphones, tablets serve all people of all ages around the world. In the past 5 years, we have also reached many milestones, developing staff to nearly 80 members. During that process, we always aim to be enthusiastic, creative, give each other values, develop together, enjoy mutual benefits, and especially always put “People” as the focus of the Company.

Here are some of the achievements made in 5 years of development:

Total downloads: over 100 million

Target market: US, UK, CA, FR, DE, AU, KR

Issuer platform: Google Store, Apple Store


Baonguyen ‘s goal over the next 5 years is to become Global Game Studio to reach Top 20 Worldwide Downloads and Top 10 Worldwide Revenue.
This is a very big goal, but not a vain dream. We dare to think big, have been building according to this goal for many years, have strong investment, have a detailed plan, have a good strategy, have the support from many parties, have many years of experience. , but still needs more support on your part.

Baonguyen ‘s motto is “bringing joy to everyone” because we believe mobile products have begun to play a larger role in people’s daily lives. We want to meet the ever-increasing needs of our users and give them more and more joy.

Baonguyen currently has a team of more than 20 product development members, including programmers, graphic artists … members at Baonguyen are all creative enthusiasts and want to develop products. with high quality, in addition Baonguyen is also a publisher with prestigious partners nationwide. Founded in 2016 through current development, Baonguyen has a lot of experience in product development and optimization.

In 2021, we will continue the journey of developing multi-player product lines such as: Video Editor application, Classic games, Puzzle, Simulator … Baonguyen always opens its doors to welcome talented people in the position: Dev Unity , Android Dev, Graphics, Game design

Core value

1. People: you enter Baonguyen will be seated with the leaders, and there are events with the CEO: No matter how much you listen to your wishes, your will, your will. Under analysis of strong points, weakness of ability, ability to develop, thinking, thinking… Under- To navigate the proper course to thrive as you wish and fit for the company. Tiny. Shared how to develop knowledge, develop yourself, develop your mind, experience interactive, your studies. Under… trained knowledge, and other knowledge. To be heard of your proposal, solving the difficulties you have in work as well as life.

2.Temperature: when entering iKame you will meet young men who are constantly enthusiastic in work, serving, in fun, out of life.

3.Creation: The firm’s strong point is the Growth Hacking.Many of you in the company have the ability to create breakthrough ideas, thrive, and effect.

4.An MRI.

In Baonguyen doesn’t have the concept of negative competition, but only in the same direction and spirit thrives together. Under the thought of thinking, “Think about each other, willing to share, help each other in every situation.

5.Join us

When you create value you will be judged and deserving, as much of your contributions are made, no more.

Please contact us immediately to get your ideas or products to users quickly and with the best quality!

Address: No.5, Group 1, Le Quang Dao Street, Phu Do Ward, Nam Tu Liem District, Hanoi City, Vietnam
Hotline: 0877456789